Within Teamwork Projects, you can quickly assign a task to one of the roles created on your project. 

When you use a role to assign users, this assigns the task to all people who have been added to the role.

When creating a new task, enter the @ symbol in the What needs to be done section and type the role name, or select which role you want to assign from the menu that pops up.

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Once you have mentioned the role, you can then click Multiple People to select the Each person must do this option, if you wish. This will create a separate task for each user on the role.

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You can also use the @ mention feature to assign a specific user. Using the @name shortcode you can quickly assign the task to that person.

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Note: When a role is used to assign a task to a group of people, the users are then assigned directly and the reference to the role itself is removed.

For more information, see: Creating and editing roles on a project