Within Teamwork Projects, you can quickly add multiple subtasks to a task on your project at the same time.

Hover over the main task, and click the options down arrow to the left of the task name, then select 'Quickly Add Subtasks' from the dropdown menu:

In the 'Quickly Add Subtasks' modal, add one subtask per line. At the bottom, you can choose assignee(s) and start/end dates to apply to all of the subtasks.

You can also use shortcodes to specify task properties for individual subtasks. Hover over 'Hints & Tips' near the top right of the modal to see the options:

  • Task date - [today] or [30/04/2018]
  • Assign user - @mention the user(s)
  • Task priority - ! = Low, !! = Medium, !!! = High
For more information, see: Task list options