Within Teamwork Projects, you can use the bulk edit tasks feature to modify, complete, move, copy, or delete tasks in a task list.

In the tasks area in your project, under the task list menu choose the Bulk Edit Tasks option.

Note: If you have a filter applied when attempting to bulk edit tasks, it will only bulk edit those tasks found via the filter, not all tasks on a project.

In the bulk edit modal, you can select an action to perform on the tasks:

  • Modify
  • Move
  • Copy
  • Complete
  • Delete


When selecting the modify option, you will then see the different task properties you can update.

Selecting the checkbox next to each property will show a select link for you to choose the new setting for that option.

  • Reassign - choose the person (or people) you'd like to reassign the tasks to
  • Start date - choose a new start date 
  • Due date - set a new due date
  • Progress - choose the new percentage of progress
  • Estimated tIme - add the estimated time in minutes
  • Priority - choose the new priority
  • Followers - choose who you want to be added as a follower on changes or comments
  • Change creator - choose the person marked as the creator of the tasks
  • Privacy - choose whether tasks should be private or public
  • Tags - add or remove tags 
  • Set column - choose which board column the tasks are to be added
At the bottom of the screen, you can choose to apply the new settings to all of the tasks on the list, or just those with particular start and due dates (for example late tasks or tasks due today), or currently assigned to a particular person (this includes tasks assigned to that person along with others).

You can also choose whether subtasks should also be updated.

Move or Copy

When bulk moving or copying tasks in a task list, you can choose a destination project and task list.

If you want to move the tasks to a brand new list, choose the Add Task List option from the Destination Task List dropdown.


The bulk complete action allows you to mark all active tasks in the task list as complete, in one go.


Choosing the bulk delete action allows you to delete all active tasks in the task list.

For more information, see: Task list options