Within Teamwork, you can switch to board view to organise tasks in the project using cards within columns. 

Everyone on the project will be able to view the board.

You can use columns to represent the progress of a task through various stages.

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To access the board view in your project, click the board icon in the top right of the Tasks area.

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Once you switch to board view, you can create new columns (as long as you have the appropriate permissions) using the Add a Column button. Give your column a name and if you like, you can choose a color.

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Click the Save button and do the same for any more columns you'd like to add. You can edit the column name or color later just by clicking the name.

When task cards are added to a board column, any cards assigned to you will be highlighted by a green border.

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Board view options

Click the options (three dots) button in the top right corner of the board view, to see the options available.

From here, you can:

  • View Archived Cards
  • Manage Columns
  • Minimise Card Details
  • Save to My Boards - only an option if the My Boards feature has been enabled
  • View Keyboard Shortcuts

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Archiving completed cards

You can choose to archive any completed cards that may be completed in your board columns.

Click the options down arrow to the right of the column name, and select Archive Completed Cards from the dropdown menu. This will remove any cards already marked as complete from the column.

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Sorting cards

You can sort the tasks/cards in each of your column via the column options. Click the down arrow to the right of the column name, and select 'Quickly Sort Cards' from the dropdown menu.

Sort Options:

  • Name
  • Priority
  • Date Created
  • Date Completed
  • Assignee
  • Due Date
  • Start Date
  • Task List

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Moving cards and columns

Hover over a card anywhere outside the task name and you will see the cursor change to a cross. You can click to grab the card and drag it to another column.

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You can also use drag and drop to reorder cards within a column.

To rearrange columns, just click (outside the title in the header) and drag them in the same way as cards to their new position.

Viewing and editing options

In board view, you can hide the project sections and the site header so that you can work with a larger area to organise your tasks. Just click the View Full Screen button to switch.

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When in full screen view, just click the toggle to revert back to the regular view.

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To view the details for an individual task, click anywhere on the card and you will see the quick view panel on the right with the task details.

To quickly edit details directly, click the pencil icon on a card.

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Collapsing Columns

In the column options, you can collapse a column to minimize it when you are not working on it.

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In the advanced filters pane in board view, you can filter which tasks and columns are shown.

Filter options:

  • Keyword
  • Show/hide board columns
  • Assigned To
  • Date
  • Tags
  • Priority
  • Task Lists

Column settings

In board view, the column settings allow you to choose which details you would like to display for tasks in the column:

  • Minimal - Shows the assignee
  • Default - Shows the assignee, dates, priority, attachments
  • Custom - You can choose which details to include
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In the column settings, you can also add triggers to automatically make changes to cards, set a default task list for cards, and choose a sorting option for the column.

Viewing column details in list view

When you switch back to the list view of your tasks, you will see a label beside each task that has been added to a board column, mentioning the column name.

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Click the board to change or remove it from the task.

You can also add cards to board columns from within list view.

Note: The Free Forever plan is limited to 3 board columns and 10 cards per column.