Within Teamwork, you can manage how the columns in your tasks board view are displayed.

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Go to the Board tab of your project and click the options button (three dots) in the top right. Select Manage Columns from the dropdown menu.

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When managing columns, you can choose whether to apply the changes to all your columns or a select few. You can also set a default column for new tasks.

The column sort order can also be changed to manual or an automatic setting:

  • Manual Name
  • Priority
  • Date created
  • Date completed
  • Assignee
  • Due date
  • Start date
  • Task list

You can choose between three options for which details are shown in your columns:

  • Minimal - which will show the the task and assignee.
  • Default - which will show the task, assignee, dates, priority and attachments.
  • Custom - you can select which items you would like to include on your board which you can find below.
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One you have updated your preferences ensure to select to green Update button to save your changes.

Note: Access to these settings is limited to site administrators and project administrators

For more information on boards: Using Board View for Tasks