Within Teamwork Desk, you can use triggers to send an email to certain groups of people based on the conditions you have set.

Note: Triggers are available on Pro subscription plans and above.

Once you have chosen a type (automatic or manual) for your new trigger, you will need to set conditions the trigger will run on, such as tickets assigned to a particular agent.

After setting the conditions, you can then choose which action(s) you want performed. One of these options is to Send an Email.

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Click the Edit email button to the right of the action dropdown, to open the Edit Email modal.

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In the Send to dropdown, you can choose to send an email to:

  • All agents - send an email to all of the agents on your site
  • Inbox's agents - send an email to all agents with access to the ticket inbox the trigger is applied to
  • Other inboxes' agents - send an email to all agents with access to the inbox the trigger is created on, as well as any inboxes the trigger has been shared with
  • Agent(s) - select specific agent(s) to send an email to
  • Assigned agent - send an email to the agent assigned to the ticket
  • Ticket creator - send an email to the creator of the ticket, if the creator is a customer
  • Customer(s) - send an email to selected customer(s)
You can toggle on the Set a custom email option to add a custom message to be sent to the recipient(s). If disabled, the email sent will be a copy of the current ticket with all the messages.

For more information, see: Setting an Inbox Trigger