Within Zapier, you can connect your Teamwork Desk account to a variety of third-party integrations to set up automated processes.

How it works

You select a trigger event that should initiate corresponding action events. Whenever a trigger happens in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the actions specified in the other app to automate your workflow.

Connecting Teamwork Desk to Zapier

Hover over the navigation bar on the left of your Zapier account and select the My Apps tab.

In the My Apps section, use the search field to find Teamwork Desk.

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Once you select Teamwork Desk from the dropdown, a new window will open with the Teamwork login page where you can input your login credentials for the account you want to link.

If the email address is associated with multiple sites, you will need to choose the relevant site. You will then be asked to grant access permissions to your site for the integration.

Once you click Allow, the window will close and you will then see the account added to your My Connections list. You can test, reconnect, and disconnect the account here.

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Once the connection has been set up, you can start creating zaps by hovering over the left navigation menu and selecting Make a Zap.

Supported zap options

Supported Triggers
Supported Searches 
Supported Actions 
Ticket unassigned
Find customer
Link task to ticket
Thread edited
Find ticket
Update customer
New ticket
Create ticket
New ticket note
Update ticket
New agent reply
Add reply to ticket
New customer reply
Create customer
New customer
Unassign ticket
Ticket assigned
Assign ticket

Zap example

When a new ticket arrives to your Teamwork Desk inbox, create a new task in Teamwork using the ticket details.

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