Within Teamwork Desk you can access your profile to update information and settings relevant to you.

To access your profile settings click on your avatar image to the top right of the Desk navigation bar and select View Profile.

When you choose this you will have four option within the left pane.


In the profile area, you can add your basic details such as name, email, phone number, job title, time zone, and profile picture. You can also specify your time format preference, enable web and push notifications, choose between HTML and markdown formatting, and change your password.


From here, you can see all the inboxes on your Desk site shown as separate tiles.

If you are an administrator, you can add inboxes to your default list, simply click on the inbox and a green check mark will appear highlighting it.

To deselect, click on the inbox again. When happy with your selection, click on the Save Permissions button in the lower left corner.


Here you can set defaults for when you should receive email notifications. If you wish to set different defaults for each inbox you have access to, check the Customize notifications for each inbox option.

API key

Click on the green Generate New API Key button to create an API key for your profile. You can generate multiple API keys and create customized labels for each one.

For more information, see: Getting started