ChurnZero is a real-time customer success platform that helps you understand your customers' product usage, assesses their health, and enable you to manage the customer experience.

Within Teamwork Desk, you can map your tickets to accounts and contacts in ChurnZero.

The integration matches based on customer email, so if you have a contact in ChurnZero with an email address that has tickets associated in Teamwork Desk, those tickets will be shown with the account that contact is associated with in ChurnZero.

Integration requirements

You will first need to authorize your Teamwork Desk instance in ChurnZero. Log in to your ChurnZero Production account and go to Admin > Teamwork Desk Setup.

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In the setup screen, enter in your host name and API token.

  • Your hostname is your Teamwork Desk site URL without the https://
    • E.g.
  • Teamwork Desk API token
    • Note: The API key used will be the one pulling in the data across the ChurnZero site so it should be a user with the correct permissions.

After you authorize the connection, you will be presented with a summary of the connection information, along with an option to deauthorize if you wish.

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When the integration is set up, you can see the associated tickets in the account and contact view under the Custom Tables tab.

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Sync behavior/rules

  • This is a one-way sync from Teamwork Desk to ChurnZero:
    • ChurnZero provides a quick link to each ticket in Teamwork Desk, but tickets cannot be edited in ChurnZero.
  • Default sync interval is 15 minutes:
    • Every 15 minutes, the sync will pull in new tickets, as well as search through existing tickets, in order to match tickets to contacts and accounts.
  • Default mapping is based on the Customer Email field:
    • By default, ChurnZero will match tickets to contacts - and subsequently to accounts - using this Customer Email field.
    • The sync will look for a unique contact in ChurnZero with a matching email address:
      • When a unique contact is identified, ChurnZero will associate the corresponding ticket(s) with that contact and with the account that contact is tied to.
      • Note: If no contact can be found, or if multiple contacts match the requester, the ticket will not be associated with any contact.
      • When new contacts are added to ChurnZero and/or existing contacts are updated, the sync will search for any matching tickets.
  • Ticket data is supplemental data in ChurnZero:
    • Ticket data can be used in segment, and can be used to trigger alerts.
    • Tickets themselves cannot interact with plays, journeys, NPS campaigns, or churn scores. This is all done at the account and/or contact level.