ChurnZero is a real-time customer success platform that helps you understand your customers' product usage, assesses their health, and enable you to manage the customer experience.

Within, you can use your companies to map their associated projects and tasks to accounts and contacts in ChurnZero.

External IDs

Each account in ChurnZero has an external ID. In order to see projects from your site in your ChurnZero account, you will need to map this external ID by editing the associated company's name.

Note: This ID cannot be changed once it has been created.

In ChurnZero, you can either pull your data in from your CRM system, or manually populate account and contact records yourself.

When you create an account, you have the option to enter an External ID.

When viewing this newly created account, you can see the External ID (e.g. 1245) noted at the bottom.

Integration requirements

You will first need to authorize your instance in ChurnZero. Log in to your ChurnZero Production account and go to Admin > Teamwork Projects Setup.

In the setup screen, enter in your host name and API token.

  • Your hostname is your site URL without the https://
    • E.g.
  • API token
    • Note: The API key used will be the one pulling in the data across the ChurnZero site so it should be a user with the correct permissions.

After you authorize the connection, you will be presented with a summary of the connection information, along with an option to deauthorize if you wish.

Once you have the setup step completed, you will need to contact your ChurnZero implementation specialist or CSM with the following:

  • You have set up the integration.
  • Include the External ID mechanism you plan to use to map your projects by adding the External ID mechanism to your company names in
    • You have the option to add this ID to the beginning, end, etc. of the company name, as long as it is consistent throughout.
    • E.g. Map my projects from Company A using the External ID in this mechanism: '[External ID] Company A'
      • '[1245]'
    • ChurnZero needs to know that every time a company is mapped, the ID is in the same place. Once that is done, all projects associated with that company in will be mapped to their account in ChurnZero.

In, your company names should be updated to include the relevant External ID as specified in the mapping information sent to ChurnZero. 

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When you view one of the companies in ChurnZero, the associated projects will show up.

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Sync behavior/rules

  • This is a one-way sync from to ChurnZero:
    • ChurnZero provides a quick link to each project and task in, but projects and tasks cannot be edited in ChurnZero.
  • Default sync interval is 15 minutes:
    • Every 15 minutes, the sync will pull in new projects and tasks, as well as search through existing projects and tasks in order to match them to contacts and accounts.
  • The sync targets projects, tasks, and milestones:
    • For each of these, ChurnZero must be given explicit instructions on how to relate a record back to an account. There is no default mapping for this.
      • The preferred means of relating a record back to an account is through an ID, specifically the account's External ID.
      • String matching is possible (e.g. by name) but is significantly less accurate.
    • Since does not support custom fields on any of these entities so ChurnZero will pull the standard fields for each entity.
  • Project and task data is supplemental data in ChurnZero:
    • Project and task data can be used in segment and can be used to trigger alerts.
    • Projects and tasks themselves cannot interact with plays, journeys, NPS campaigns, or churn scores. This is done at the account and/or contact level.