How it works

After you sign up, your 30 day trial begins. You can change your price plan at any point and you can decide to Buy a plan and subscribe at any point during your trial (ending your free trial in doing so). 
  • On the Startup Plan, you get charged $0.10 per ticket. No per-agent charge. You are limited to 3 Inboxes and 5 Agents.
  • On the Basic Plan, you pay per-Agent either monthly ($7) or annually ($5). No per-ticket charge.
  • On the Pro plan, you pay per-Agent either monthly ($30) or annually ($20). 
You can see a full list of features and comparison on the Teamwork Desk pricing page.

Free Trial

When you sign up you can use Desk for 30 days where no charge will be made, no matter how many tickets you reply to or how many agents you have. You can subscribe to a plan and end your trial at any point. Once your trial is over you will be given a few days to choose a plan and enter your credit card details.  

You can now choose your plan and use the handy calculator to see what the cost will be:



Enter your credit card details and your subscription is complete.

On the Pro plan, if you choose to pay annually you can choose the Agents you would like to add at this stage, or you can add or remove Agents at any point in the future from the Settings > Users page. If you'd like to add part-time agents, it's best to skip this step and set everyone up in the settings directly. 

Changing Plans

You can change plans at any point from the Settings > Billing page. Just beware that you cannot downgrade to the Startup plan if you currently have more than 5 Agents or 3 Inboxes. 

Usage Details

As an admin, you will be able to see the usage in two places. If you are on the Startup plan you can see a quick breakdown on the dashboard, at the bottom of the page, you will be able to see how many tickets you have replied to and what that means for the current billing month, and the next payment date.

Please note: You will not be charged for any of these tickets during your free trial.

The second place you can the usage, is on the Billing tab under Settings

On the Startup Plan, you will the breakdown for tickets sent

On the Basic or Pro plan, you will see the breakdown per-agent:

If you are on a plan with per-agent pricing and you add extra agents during your subscription period, the difference in subscription cost based on this change will be calculated pro-rata in your next invoice.

Helpdocs Pricing

You get 1 free site with unlimited articles. Every additional site is $20 per month, per site. For $20 a month per additional site, you get unlimited articles on those additional sites. Some examples here to show how what to expect:

  • No Helpdocs sites - free, no charge of course!
  • 1 Helpdoc site with any number of articles - free
  • 3 Helpdocs sites with any number of articles - $40 per month (1 free site + 2 sites x $20)

When will you be billed?

You will be charged from the point of when you subscribe to a plan. 

For annual payment on the Pro plan, you will get billed for the year ahead from the date of payment, and you can adding sites or agents during the year will be result in one-off charges pro-rata until the end of the billing year.

How can I access my invoices?

You will be emailed your invoice every month. You can also access your history of invoices from the Billing page in Teamwork Desk. By clicking View Invoice you will have the option to download an invoice as a PDF document

This is what an invoice looks like - you will get an email containing the same details

On the Startup plan, will I get charged for every new ticket?

You will be charged for tickets that you receive. You will not be charged for Spam or Deleted tickets. Also, Merged tickets are counted as one ticket.


Contact with any support queries about billing or any invoice you received.