Within Teamwork CRM, you can create custom fields for your leads and opportunities.

To add custom fields to your leads and opportunities, click your profile in the top right corner of your site and select Settings from the dropdown.

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The Customize forms section is located in the left-hand menu of your site settings.

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Select Lead & opportunity from the available customizable form options. 

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You can create customizable forms for:

  • Deals - These fields will appear when editing a deal. They will also show when adding a deal if set to show in add form.
  • Opportunity won reasons - select a reason when an opportunity is won.
  • Lead lost reasons - you can choose one of these options when a lead is disqualified.
  • Opportunity lost reasons - you can choose one of these options when a lead is disqualified.


Click the green Add field button to add a new custom field. In the add field modal, you can enter a name for the field and set a field type.

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 Field Type
 Multiple options
 Single option
 Text (short/long)

For each custom field you create, you have the option to include the field in the add form for creating leads and opportunities.

You also have the option to make the field mandatory to fill out when adding a lead or an opportunity. 

To edit or delete a custom field, use the option menu (three dots) to the right of the field details.

You can also reorder the custom fields to customize the order in which they will display in the add form when creating leads and opportunities.

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For more information, see: Creating Deal Lost and Won Reasons