Within Teamwork CRM, you can duplicate existing contacts on your site.

Click the People tab from the main navigation bar at the top of your site and select Contacts from the dropdown menu. 

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Select the contact you would like to duplicate from the list to open the contact's profile view.

Click the options menu (three dots) to the right of the contact's name and select Duplicate from the dropdown menu. 

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When duplicating a contact, you will be required to enter an alternative email address for the copied contact before clicking Save.

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Once created, both the original contact's email address and the new email address will be associated with the copied contact.

The original contact will not automatically inherit the new email address, however you can add it manually by editing the contact

Details copied include: 

  • Name
  • Old and new email address 
  • Company and company details
  • Owner
  • Custom fields

The creation date for the duplicate contact will be that of the date it was duplicated. The creator will be updated to the name of the user who duplicated the contact. 

Note: Associated leads and opportunities will not be copied over from the original contact. 

For more information, see: Duplicating a Company