Within Teamwork Spaces, you can create new Teamwork tasks via the embedded task list in a page.

Once you have added a task list to a page, you can add new tasks to it as you would in Teamwork. Whether you add tasks to the task list from Teamwork Spaces or Teamwork, the task list will be synced in both places.

To add a task to the task list, select the green + Add a task button.

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When adding a task, you can add task details using shortcodes, such as:

  • ! = Low Priority
  • !! = Medium Priority
  • !!! = High Priority

  • @mention
Due date:

  • [22/03/2019] (use the date format that you have set in your profile localization options)
  • [today]
  • [next week]
  • [friday]
Start date (by including two dates, the first will be set as the start date and the second will be the due date):

  • [today] [next monday] - This task will start today and is due next week.
  • [16/12/2019][22/12/2019] - Start on Dec 16th and will be due Dec 22nd.
Estimated time:

  • [40m]
  • [1h]
  • [1h 10m]
  • [.5]

  • #tag1
  • #tag1 #tag2 #tag3
  • #[multi name tag]

  • {task description}

For more information, see: Adding a Teamwork Task List to a Page