Within Teamwork Spaces, you can add a custom banner image to the home page or individual pages of a space.

Adding a banner to a space

By default, the banner will be a color matching your space icon theme. Hover over the banner area and click the Add banner button in the top right.

Image Placeholder

You will then be able to browse and upload an image from your computer.

Note: The recommended size for a banner image is 1440px x 257px. 

Once an image has been added, you will have options to change, reposition, or remove the image (via the trash can icon). These options will appear when you hover over the header area.

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The banner image you choose will also be displayed on the space card in grid view in the Home area of your site.

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Adding a banner to a page

When viewing a page, click the options button (three dots) and select the Add banner option from the dropdown menu.

Image Placeholder 

You will then be able to browse to a local file and upload your image. As with a space banner, the same options are available. You can change the image, reposition or remove it completely (via the trash can icon).

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Note: Only users with manage or edit permissions are able to add and remove banners. 

For more information, see: Managing Space Options