Within Microsoft Teams, you can embed individual spaces into tabs.

This allows you to view, interact with, and stay up to date with your documentation without leaving Microsoft Teams. 

Note: The Teamwork integration will first need to be enabled in your Apps settings in Microsoft Teams.

In the Teams area, select the team you would like to add your Spaces tab to. 

Using the Teams navigation bar, click the + icon to create a new tab. 

You can then search or browse available apps and select Teamwork

To add a space, select the Spaces tab and choose Connect with Teamwork. You also have the option to post to the associated channel about this tab via the checkbox at the bottom. 

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You will then be prompted to log in to your Teamwork Spaces account. You can add multiple tabs in Microsoft Teams using multiple Teamwork Spaces accounts. 

Once you have successfully entered your login details, you can then choose which Teamwork Spaces site to link. To complete the process, you will need to allow third-party access to your Teamwork data. 

You will then be able to configure the tab's settings which allows you to select which space to add to your tab. Click Save to apply your preference.

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Once complete, you will be able to view and interact with your space via the newly created tab.

Note: If you have set up the integration for a team, those team members will automatically see the Teamwork Spaces tab but will be required to log in to their Teamwork account to interact with it.