Within Microsoft Teams, you can connect to Teamwork Spaces to interact with your documentation and collaborate with your team.

You can create various Teams tabs for different spaces on your site(s). Each space does not have to be from the same site.

Note: To find and install the Teamwork app, Teamwork must be approved by your Microsoft Teams admin. They can approve the Teamwork app here

To add Teamwork to Microsoft Teams, select the apps Apps option from the bottom left of the navigation bar.

You can then search for Teamwork in the search field in the Apps area. Click the Teamwork card to select the app.

Once selected, you can choose from a couple of setup options. Click the Add for me button to add the integration for yourself only. To add the integration for your team, click the dropdown arrow and select Add to a team

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If you choose Add for me, the integration will then be enabled on your Microsoft Teams account. 

When choosing to add to a team, you will be prompted to select a team channel before clicking Set up to proceed.

In the Teamwork modal, select the Spaces tab and click Connect with Teamwork to login to your Teamwork site. 

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You will be presented with the Teamwork log in screen where you can enter the credentials. If you have multiple Teamwork accounts associated with your email address, you will be able to select a specific account. 

You will also be required to allow third party access to your data to continue.

Following successful connection, you will then have the option to configure your tab settings by selecting a space. 

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It is also possible to connect via the Apps subsection when viewing an individual team profile. 

For more information, see: Linking a Space to Microsoft Teams