Integrating products in the Teamwork suite provides a wide range of opportunities for cross-product collaboration.

From connected projects to task lists, you can easily track and manage to-do items from your spaces and pages, as well as provide your team with a holistic view of related items across your product sites.
◑  Linking a space to a project
◑  Adding a task list to a page
◑  Creating tasks within a page
◑  Editing tasks within a page

Once you have your Teamwork Spaces site connected to Teamwork, you can explore all that the integration has to offer!

Linking a space to a project

Each space on your site can be associated with an individual project on your Teamwork site. As an example, you may have a project to manage your marketing campaigns for the year and a corresponding space that contains any relevant campaign rollout documentation.

While viewing a space, click the options button (three dots) next to the space name and select Space Settings from the dropdown menu. 

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Note: Only space managers and site administrators can link a Teamwork project.

From the space option area, click the Add link to a project button. 

Note: Only users with manage or edit permissions for a space can link a Teamwork project.

A pop-up modal will open with a list of the projects you have access to on your associated Teamwork site. Using the search field at the top, you can search for projects by name. Select the relevant project and click Add.

The project will be listed in the space options area. Click Save changes to apply the link to the space.

Once saved, the selected project will be listed under Linked Project in the left pane of your space. Clicking the project name will bring you directly to the project in Teamwork. You can quickly change the project associated with the space or unlink the existing project using the options to the right of the Lined Project section.

While you can link multiple spaces to a project, an individual space can only be associated with one project at a time.

Viewing a connected space in Teamwork

In Teamwork, you can quickly see the space associated with the project via the project's Dashboard tab.

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Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar where you will see a section for Project Spaces. Click the space name to open it in a new tab.

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Adding a task list to a page

At times, you may have tasks you are working on in Teamwork that directly relate to the contents in a space, such as meeting notes.

You can easily embed an existing task list into the contents area of a page within a space.

While the page is in edit mode, select the icon to the right of the editor toolbar and choose Teamwork project tasks from the dropdown menu.

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A task list area will be added to the page. Once you select a project from the project dropdown, you can also select an individual task list and filter the tasks by tag.

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The task list will be added to the page where you can interact with the tasks as you would in Teamwork. Don't forget to click Publish to save your page changes!

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You can refresh the source projects list, return to the project selection view, expand it to a pop-out window, or remove the task list from the page.

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Whether you are in edit or view mode for the page, you can click the three dots to the right of each task to show the subtasks area. To open or close the subtasks view for all tasks in the list, select Expand all / Collapse all in the top right. 

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Other task options include completing the task or clicking the task name to open a quick view pane, which will provide you with all the task options you would see in Teamwork.

Creating tasks within a page

When a task list is added to a page, you will see an Add a task button at the bottom of the list of existing tasks. Creating a task via the task list widget will automatically sync it with Teamwork. Tasks can be created while the page is in view or edit mode.

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A quick tip here is how to assign a task you are creating. Typing @ will bring up a list of users where you can select the relevant individual.

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Editing tasks within a page

You can easily access full edit options for each task by clicking the task name in the list. This will open a quick view panel where you can hover to see the edit pencil and other quick edit options like in Teamwork.

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Hovering over the task in the task details view will reveal the edit pencil and additional options dropdown. You will also see the individual quick edit options for the task such as subtasks, time, and priority.

Whether you're creating new tasks, updating existing tasks, or even deleting tasks, your changes made in Teamwork Spaces will be reflected in Teamwork!

Now that you have completed the guide to integrating with Teamwork, you can easily take the following actions on your site:
Connecting to Teamwork
✓  Enable Teamwork
Linking spaces to projects
✓  Link a space to a project
✓  Go directly to the project from the space
✓  View a project's connected spaces in Teamwork
Using the Teamwork project tasks integration
✓  Add a task list to a page
✓  Show the subtasks view
✓  Create a task and assign it to a user
✓  Open the task details view and access the edit options