Zapier allows you to integrate a range of different web applications by performing actions in one app when a specific event occurs in another.

Within Teamwork, you can use the Zapier integration to perform actions on your site.

Zapier combines triggers and actions into Zaps to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. 

The following Teamwork actions, triggers, and searches are supported by Zapier:

 Supported Triggers
Supported Actions
 Supported Searches 
New Project
Create Project
Find Project
Project Updated or Deleted
Add People to Project
Find Task List
New Task List
Create Task List
Find Task
New Task 
Create Task
Find Task Comment
Task Updated or Deleted 
Update Task
Find Milestone
New Time Entry
Create Task Comment
Find Milestone Comment
New Milestone
Mark Task Complete
Find Notebook
New Notebook
Create Time Entry on Task
Find Notebook Comment 
New Message
Create Time Entry on Project
Find Message
New Message Reply
Create Milestone
Find Link
New Comment
Create Milestone Comment
Find Link Comment
New Link
Create Notebook
Find File
New File
Create Notebook Comment
Find File Comment
New Risk
Create Notebook Category
Find Column
New Invoice
Create Message
Find Calendar Event
New Expense
Create Message Reply
Find Company
New Column
Create Message Category
Find Person
New Card
Create Link

New Status
Create Link Comment

New Calendar Event
Create Link Category 

Calendar Event Reminder
Upload File to Project

New Company
Create File Comment

New Person
Create File Category

Create Invoice

Create Expense

Create Column
Move Board Card
Create Status
Create Calendar Event
Create Calendar Event Type
Create Company
Create Person
For more information, see: Creating Project Items Using Zapier