Within Teamwork.com, you can change your language and localization settings for your profile.

Click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and select Edit my details from the pop-out menu.

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In the user details modal, go to the Localization tab to customize your settings.

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Localization options

  • Language - Choose another language setting from the available list.
  • Date format - Select the date format that you prefer to use.
    • Note: This format will apply to any tasks you add via email or Excel import.
  • Time format - Choose from a 12 or 24 hour clock.
  • Calendar start - If you choose Calendars start on a Sunday, it will affect how the calendar is displayed, and also how filters using the This week option calculate which items to include.
  • Time zone - You will see a preview of the date and time for the time zone that you select.
  • Change for everyone - If you are a site owner or a site administrator in the owner company, you will also see this option which allows you to automatically apply the chosen settings for everyone on the site.
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For more information, see: Changing Your Password