Visual Studio Code is a code editor optimized for building and debugging web and cloud based applications.

Within Visual Studio Code, you can interact with tasks from your projects directly from the app via the extension.

With the VSCode Editor extension, you can view and add comments to tasks as well as quickly create new tasks from lines of code in the editor.

Note: If you are working in a Github repository, the newly-created task will have a direct link to the exact line in Github.

Once you have the extension installed in VSCode and logged in to your relevant account, you can start using the integration.

VSCode will pull in a list of your projects from your site. Click the Select Project from Repository option to choose a project.

Note: You will need to have at least one folder/file created in VSCode in order to access your projects via the Select Project from Repository option. Otherwise it will return an error when clicked.

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Clicking the Select Project for Repository option will bring up a dropdown list of your projects. Using the checkboxes to the left of each project, select the ones you want to list in the extension pane for quick access.

Once you click OK (or press Enter on your keyboard), the selected projects will appear in the list on the left.

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You can click a project to expand it to display any active task lists. Select a task list to view any open tasks.

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Viewing an existing task

When you select an individual task, it will open a task details view in the editor. The task pane will display the relevant task details with whichever properties that have been set.

You can click the project or task list name to be directed to that area in your site.

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Creating a task from a line of code

You can quickly create tasks directly from lines of code within the editor. Highlight the relevant text, then right click and choose Create Task.

A modal will open at the top of the editor where you can select one of the synced projects and a corresponding task list. Once selected, you can enter in the task title. Press Enter on your keyboard to create the task.

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A comment will also be added to your code file detailing the task created.

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Once the task has been created, it will be accessible in the relevant task list in the extension panel.

Note: You may need to use the refresh arrow at the top of the extension panel to see the newly created task.

Clicking the task will open the task details on the right side of VSCode.

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In, you will see the task has been created in the chosen task list. The task description will include the details from VSCode.

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Adding a comment to an existing task

To add a comment to the task, click Add Comment at the bottom of the pane to open the comment box. Click Submit to add the comment to the task in

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When viewing the task in, you will see the comment has been added to the task.

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