Within Teamwork Projects, you can use Portfolio boards to view and manage your projects.

You can access the Portfolio view via the Projects area of your site.

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Note: Portfolio is available on the Premium plan and above.

Portfolio gives you an overview of what is happening across all your projects. For each project, you can see various associated properties such as company, category, start/end dates, owner, health and latest update. 

At the bottom of each project card, you will see a progress bar of completion for the project, which takes the completed tasks vs. the total number of tasks for the project. 

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Clicking an individual project card will open a quick view pane on the right showing the project summary.

Through the use of portfolio triggers, you can also modify certain project properties as your projects move between columns.

Creating a board

Only site administrators in the owner company and users with permission to manage the projects portfolio can create new boards and add columns.

Note: Collaborators do not have access to portfolio view. 

If it is your first time using the Portfolio, you will see an option to add a board in the middle of the screen, in addition to the Add Board button to the top right.

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In the add board modal, you can name the board (required), choose a color and add a description. 

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Once created, you will be brought directly to the board, where you can create columns within it. 

Creating a board column

To create a board column, click the Add Column button in the top right of the screen. You will also see a gray Add a Column option in the main board area, to the right of any existing columns

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You can then choose a name and assign a color for the column. 

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To edit the name and color of an existing column, select the drop down arrow to the right of the name and choose Edit.

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You will see that the dropdown arrow includes options to filter, delete, and sort, as well as the column settings.

Alternatively, click the board name to switch to edit mode.

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Adding projects to a board column 

To add projects to a board column, click the backlog to open a list of your projects. The projects can then be dragged from the backlog to the appropriate column.

You can also filter the projects in the backlog by name (text), category or tag. 

Once a project has been added to a column you can click on the project card to view a project summary. Within this project summary you can click on the project name to be brought to the project.

Portfolio filtering

When viewing a Portfolio board, you can use the filter options to filter which of the board's projects you want to view:

  • Keyword
  • Project status
  • Show/hide columns
  • Tags
  • Company
  • Project owner
  • Project health
  • Starred projects only 
  • Hide projects where I'm an observer
  • Show only projects where I'm a member

For more information, see: Using Portfolio Triggers