Within Teamwork Projects, you can see all of the companies added to your site by going to the People tab at the top of your screen.

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In the People area, select the Companies tab.

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Your owner company will have an Owner label beside its name. You will see a total count of the number of companies on your site beside the quick search field.

Each company will show a count of how many standard users (green), collaborators (pink) and contacts (blue) they have, as well as other details such as their address and phone number.

You can click each column title to sort by that column.

You can choose from three different view options in the right: view as a list, an expanded view, or a grid view to show the details of the company in different ways. You can also sort in ascending or descending order here, as well as sort by name, date, country etc.

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You can use the Quick Search area to start typing any part of a company name, and the list will automatically be filtered with the results that match what you type.

Click any of the initials next to the search field to show only companies whose name starts with that letter.

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To the right of each company name, you will see a pencil icon that you can click to edit the company.

For more information, see: Adding or editing a company