timeBro enables you to automatically track activities on your device in real time.

Within timeBro, you can use the integration with Teamwork Projects to export time logs to tasks. 

Importing projects

To import your projects from Teamwork, go to the Projects tab from the timeBro navigation bar and choose Import Projects

A list of projects from your Teamwork site will be displayed. You can search for individual projects using the search function at the top right of the list. 

Select the checkbox to the left of the project name to choose the project for import. Alternatively you can use the Select all option at the top of the list to import all projects. 

Once selected, click Import

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Imported projects will show in your Active Projects list and will be available for you to choose from when pushing logged time to Teamwork. 

Exporting time entries

You can create time entries from your captured activities or manually create time entries. 

When adding time entries, you will need to choose a project and task to associate the time log with. You can add additional comments and edit the time stamp or duration if necessary. Click Save to enter the time log. 

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Once saved, your time logs will be available in the Projects area on the right-hand side. 

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Click Export time entries to export your time logs to Teamwork. This will sync your time logs to the associated projects and tasks within Teamwork. 

For more information, see: Connecting Teamwork to timeBro