Memtime enables you to automatically track activities on your device in real time. 

Memtime is the rebranded platform formerly known as timeBro. 

Within Memtime, you can connect your site to and use the integration to export time logs to tasks. 

⚠️ Access to the integration depends on your Memtime subscription. 

Step 1: Install the app

  1. Log in to Memtime's desktop app
  2. Click Image Placeholder in the app's top right and select Connected Apps.

    Image Placeholder
  3. Click Find Connected AppsThe Memtime marketplace opens in a new browser tab.
  4. Search for and select Teamwork.
  5. Click Connect to Teamwork.

Step 2: Authenticate the app

  1. Return to the desktop app.
  2. Click  and select Connected Apps.
  3. Click Refresh Installed Connected Apps, then click OK.
  4. Select Teamwork, then click Enable in the top right.
  5. Click Authenticate.
  6. Enter your login credentials and click Log in.
    1. If your email address is associated with multiple sites, select the relevant account.
  7. Click Allow to grant data access.

Step 3: Manage app settings

  1. Scroll to Synchronization section under the Teamwork app.
  2. Check the boxes for each sync setting you want to use:
    1. Automatically synchronize all projects and tasks. (Recommended)
      1. Sync projects and tasks every (custom) hours.
    2. Automatically synchronize time entries.
  3. Set default behaviours for all users:
    • Choose how to display Teamwork project title:
      1. Project name (Company name)
      2. Project name
    • Choose how to display Teamwork task title:
      1. Task List | Task Name | Assigned to
      2. Task List | Task Name
      3. Task Name | Assigned to
      4. Task Name
    • Choose which tasks to import from Teamwork:
      1. Tasks assigned to me
      2. Tasks assigned to me or anyone
      3. Tasks assigned to me or someone else
      4. All tasks
For more information, see: Use the Memtime Integration