Within the Teamwork Developer Portal, you can create new apps leveraging the Teamwork API.

You must first set up your publisher details before you can start creating apps in the Teamwork Developer Portal.

Once you have saved your publisher details, you will see a welcome landing page when you access the Developer Portal.

Click the Create Your First App button to get started.

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In the Create an App modal, you are required to provide a name, product(s) in the Teamwork suite you want to use, and at least one redirect URI.

App options:

  • Name – the name of your app which will show on your app's consent screen.
  • Icon – icon shown to users during authentication and installation.
  • Description – what the app will do.
  • Product – which Teamwork product(s) your app intends to use.
    • Note: You must select at least one Teamwork product. You can update this in the future, however adding new products will require you to re-authenticate to access APIs under the new scopes.
  • Redirect URIs – return URI for your app.
    • Note: You must add at least one Redirect URI.

Once you have filled out the required app details, click Create App.

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Once created, the app will be listed in your Apps list within the Developer Portal.

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Click the app in the list to open the app details view. While viewing the app, you will be able to access the relevant associated data you need to get started.

The app screen is split into two main tabs: General and Credentials.


The General tab documents the main details of the app:

  • Name – name of your app which you entered on creation.
  • Owner – name of the user who created the app.
  • Icon – icon shown to users during authentication and installation.
  • URL – link to public page about your app.
  • Description – your public app description.
  • Short description - public short description for the app.

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The Credentials tab provides all of the data needed in order to authenticate using the Teamwork app login flow. You can manage your scopes and add new redirect URIs here.

  • Client ID – unique ID for authentication passed in the client_id parameter.
  • Client secret – authentication secret passed under client_secret parameter.
  • Products – which products’ data your app needs to access.
  • Redirect URIs – list of allowed URIs to redirect to when authentication is complete or has failed.
    • Note: These must be secure URIs with https only unless they are using localhost or it will return an error.
  • Origins – Optional list of origins allowed to complete the authentication flow.

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‘In development’ app status

The In development tag means your app is currently in development mode and can only be used by the Teamwork account it was created under.

Once you are ready to publish your app and make it available to all Teamwork users, read our app verification documentation. This will to help you speed up the verification process, getting your app approved on the first review.

For more information, see: Getting Your App Verified