Within Teamwork.com, you can easily start a Teamwork Chat conversation with another user.

Click the More option in the main navigation menu and select People from the pop-out menu.

In the People area, go to the People subsection and click the name of the relevant user to open their Teamwork.com profile.

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While viewing the user's profile, you will see an option to Start Chat if the user has access to Teamwork Chat.

Once you click the Start Chat option, the web version of Teamwork Chat will launch in a new browser tab, opening a conversation thread with the selected user.

  • If Embedded Chat is enabled, the conversation will open in an embedded chat window instead. 

In certain supported areas of Teamwork.com such as task comments, you can also hover over a user's name to access quick profile options.

Using the message field at the bottom of the pop-up, type your message and click the send arrow on the right to send the message to the user in Teamwork Chat.

You can also click the Direct conversation option to initiate Teamwork Chat in a new browser tab.

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If your account has access to Teamwork Chat Video as part of your subscription, you will also see an additional Video call option in the profile pop-up menu for users with access to Teamwork Chat.

For more information, see: Enabling Teamwork Chat for Your Site