Within Teamwork Beta Program, you can enable the clock in/clock out feature to allow your users to log their hours at work.

Note: Clock in/out is available on all paid subscription plans.

To enable the feature, click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu. 

Note: Only owner company site administrators can access the site settings.

In the Settings area, select the Beta Program tab. Here, you will see an option for Clock In/Out.

Toggle the switch on the left to enable the feature. You can also select whether to enable it for your owner company only, or for all users on your site.

Once enabled in the Beta Program, clock in/out will be listed and automatically turned on in your site-level integrations. You can use the toggle here to turn off the integration for your site, at any time.

Using clock in/out

When clock in/out is enabled, you and your users will see the clock in/clock out option in your profile navigation menu.

When you are clocked in, a timer icon will be displayed beside your profile icon.

To clock out, select your profile icon and choose Clock Out from the dropdown menu.

Viewing your clock in entries

You can view your clock in history in the Time tab of your profile.

In the logged time graph, the In Work line represents the number of hours you were clocked in for each day.

Below the graph, you can view a log of each of your clocked time periods. You will see the times you clocked in and out, as well as the total clocked time hours for each day and week.

If you clock in/out multiple times in a single day, a separate entry will be created for each period. Click the arrow beside the date to expand and see all the entries.

You will see a bar representing the length of day. Each clock in period will be highlighted in blue. Hover over these to see the exact time period.

The clock ins compare the length of day you have set in your profile localization preferences to the time period you are clocked in.

If the clock in time is greater than the length of day, you will see a red clock icon beside the time entry. Hover over this to see the amount of extra clocked in time.

Any entries with clock in/out notes will display a note icon to the right of the date. Hovering over this will show the attached note.

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Editing a clock in entry

To edit an entry, select the three dots to the left of the time entry date.

You can also expand an individual time log using the dropdown arrow to the upper right corner of the time entry. Click the blue bar to open the Edit Clocked Time modal.

In the clocked time modal, you can update the clock-in date, start/end times, duration, and add notes.

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To quickly edit a specific clock in or clock out time, click the timestamp on the relevant day.

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Deleting a clock in entry

To delete a clock in entry, select the three dots to the left and choose the delete option.

You will then be asked to confirm you want to proceed with deleting the entry.

Viewing other users' time

To allow someone access to other users' time logs, you will need to grant them permission to manage people and companies in their profile permissions.

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Once the can this user manage people and companies permission has been enabled, the user will have access to the  Time tab in other users' profiles. Here, they will be able to see the clock in history for the selected user.

They will not be able to see individual time entries logged on projects/tasks unless they have permission to view other people's time on each project.

Note: If you do not want a user to access other individuals' Time section, you will need to remove their permission to manage people and companies.

For more information, see: Teamwork Beta Program