Within Teamwork, you can choose how you want your site to process forwarded emails via the email settings.

When enabled, Teamwork will:

  • Try and detect if the message was forwarded
    • Looks for signals in the subject such as FW, FWD etc
  • Try and parse out the original message and discard any preceeding text
    • If the original email can be found, this content is posted as the new message
  • Try and match the original sender from the original message
    • If the original sender can be matched, and that user is a member of the project, the new message will be posted from that user
    • If the original sender cannot be matched, the new message will be posted from the user who forwarded the email to Teamwork
Sometimes users on your project send emails directly to you outside of Teamwork. If you want to track these emails and continue the conversation in Teamwork you can forward this email to your unique project address.

A new message will be created on your project originating from the user who directly emailed you.

For more information, see: Resolving Email Notification Issues