✔  Available on Grow and Scale subscriptions 1

Within Teamwork.com, you can set up a custom domain for your team to access your site. 

For example, you can change it to something like teamwork.yourcompany.com.

The process to set this up involves adding records in your DNS settings, so the person who manages your website would usually be able to do this for you:

  1. Create a CName record and point it to our SSL server. You usually do this in a control panel from the company you registered your domain name with, such as GoDaddy.com. The exact address will be determined by your hosting so if you wish check your site settings to make sure you have the correct address.
  2. Verify the CName record is working by visiting the URL for your new custom domain in a browser - you should see a Teamwork.com message.
  3. Log in to your Teamwork.com site at your current address and go to the site-level settings (accessible via your profile menu in the bottom left corner of your site if you are an owner company site admin). In the General subsection, click Edit under the Site Address field.
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Click the Custom domain option at the top of the modal, and type your new address you just set up the DNS records for, in the URL field. Click Save Changes to update your settings.

Note: Due to domain propagation, it can take a minimum of 24 to 48 hours for changes to take effect. During this time your site may be unavailable.

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After your custom domain has been successfully applied, visiting your custom domain URL in a browser will direct you to your Teamwork.com site.


  • Do not use a Type A DNS record for your custom domain, make sure the DNS record you create is a CNAME record.
  • The Internet RFC states you cannot set a CName record for a root domain so we recommend using a subdomain.
  • If you also use Teamwork.com Desk, the address of your Teamwork.com Desk site will now be your custom domain with /desk at the end.
  • If you downgrade your subscription to a plan which doesn't include the custom domain option, your site address will be reset to the standard format.
1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.