Sentry is an application monitoring platform which helps developers diagnose, fix, and optimize code performance.

Within Sentry, a new version of's integration with Sentry is available to transition to from the older legacy integration.

Before enabling the new integration, you will first need to remove the legacy app from your Sentry account.

In the Settings area of your Sentry account, select the Integrations subsection and search for

If you have the Teamwork (Legacy) already enabled, you will see it listed in your integrations. Select the Teamwork (Legacy) app to open the details view.

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Note: If you do not have the legacy app installed, it will not show in the list.

In the integration details page, go to the Project Configurations tab and uninstall the app for each project. This will remove the integration from your installation.

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Once you have removed the legacy integration, you can follow the steps to enable the updated integration.