Within Teamwork, you can export basic information for the projects created on your site.

The information included when exported are:

  • Project name
  • Company name
  • Category
  • Owner
  • Latest Update
  • Board
  • Column
  • Description
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Date created
  • Last updated
  • Project health

The information exported is based on the project category you are currently viewing.

  • If you are viewing All Projects, a list of all projects will be exported.
  • If you are viewing a specific category, only the projects included in that category will be exported.

To export the list, go to the Projects section at the top of your site. The All Projects category is selected by default.

Image Placeholder

Image Placeholder

Once you have selected the category you wish to export, click the options button (three dots) in the top right of the List area and hover over the Export option.

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You will be given different format options for the export: PDF, HTMP, Excel, or CSV. 

Once you select a format, the download will begin automatically. The final report will look like the below:

Image Placeholder

For more information, see: Reporting Options for Teamwork