Within Teamwork Projects, you can add risks for anything which may affect the outcome of the project.

To add a risk entry, select the Risks section from the top of the project.

To the top right of the page, select Add Risk Entry.

You will then be able to to enter your risk details.

These include:

  • Risk source: What the risk affecting the project is.
  • Probability: The probability of the risk occurring, rated from 1 (lowest probability) to 9 (highest probability)
  • Impact: The impact of the risk if it were to occur, rated from 1 to 9 (low to high)
  • Impact areas: The areas of impact, you can choose cost/schedule/performance
  • Status: The status of the risk, either open, pending or closed
  • Mitigation/Response plan: A mitigation/response plan details.
You can also add risks via the  Add... option in the project's Overview tab.

For more information, see: Updating a risk