Within Teamwork, observers of a project are owner company users that can access and interact with the project like other users, however, they are only visible to external company users under certain conditions.

By default, observers are hidden from external company users, meaning those users cannot assign observers to tasks or select them to be notified on items.

Understanding how observers work:

  • People in the owner company will be able to see observers in the project's People area. People in external companies will need the profile permission to Manage People enabled in order to see observers listed here.
  • Owner company users can select observers to be notified on project items and can assign tasks to them.
  • Observers are only fully visible to people in external companies who have the profile permission to Manage People enabled. Without this permission, external company users cannot assign observers tasks or select them to be notified on project items.
  • Some exceptions which make observers partially visible to external company users without the manage people permission:
    • If an observer is assigned to a task, time log, or milestone, external company users who can see those items on the project will see the observer listed as the assignee.
    • If an observer is added to a project team, they will then be visible to any people in external companies who can see those teams.
    • If an observer comments on an item, their name and company will be visible to everyone within the comment details and comment chain.

Note: Client users and collaborators cannot be set as observers on a project. 

For more information, see: Adding Observers to a Project