Within Teamwork, you can add triggers to columns in your Portfolio to automatically update project properties.

To add a trigger, click the options button (three dots) to the right of the column name and select Column Settings from the dropdown menu.

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A quick view for the column settings will open on the right of your screen. Click the Add Trigger button to open the trigger options.

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You can then choose the trigger type you want to create.

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If you try to add a trigger to a column already using all available trigger options, you will see the following.

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Trigger options

Modify project owner

When you select the option to modify project owner, you can select a specific user to be the project owner of any projects moved to that column.

You can also choose to remove the existing project owner.

Modify dates

When modifying dates, you can select changes for project start dates, end dates, or both.

Date options:

  • Don't change
  • Remove date - remove the project start/end date entirely
  • Select a specific date - use the date picker to set a specific start/end date
  • Push date - push the start/end date by a specific number of days
  • Relative date - use days relative to the current day, e.g. current day + 5 days
The skip weekends option is available when using push date or relative date. This stops the new date from falling on a weekend.

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Modify tags

You have a couple of options when modifying tags:

  • Replace tags - replace any existing tags on the project
  • Add/remove tags
    • Add - add the specified tags to any existing tags
    • Remove - if the specified tags are found, they will be removed

Archive project

Archive the project when it is moved to the column using the trigger.

Send custom notification

Use the custom notification trigger to notify members of the project being moved.

You can specify which user(s) to send the notification to, and include a custom message.

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Note: If you select to notify users that are not members of the project being moved, they will not receive the notification.

Modify category

Specify a project category to assign to any project moved to the column.

For more information, see: Viewing and Editing Portfolio Triggers