Microsoft Teams is a business communications platform that allows for team collaboration across Microsoft 365 applications as well as cross-team communication.

Within Microsoft Teams, you can search for linked Teamwork projects, tasks, and people and share them in your messages.

Note: The Teamwork integration will first need to be enabled in your Apps settings in Microsoft Teams.

Search and share from Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you can search for and share Teamwork tasks, projects, people, and spaces in your messages. 

This is possible via the Teamwork icon located at the bottom of the Posts tab. Click the Teamwork icon and select the relevant tab before entering your search term.

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The tab will update with any results matching your search term. Click any of the results to add the task, project, person or space as a card in your message. You can then post the card directly into the channel via the send arrow in the bottom right-hand corner. 

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Once posted, the task name, project, and task list will be clickable and will open the details in a new browser tab. For people, the card will share their contact details with a clickable link to the user's profile in Teamwork.

Creating a Teamwork task

You can create Teamwork tasks in multiple ways:

  • In the Posts tab - select the Teamwork icon to open the modal, then click the + option and select Create a task

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  • From a message - click the options menu (three dots) in the upper right corner of a message. Under More actions, select Create a task. When creating a task from a message, details of the message thread will be included in the task description in Teamwork. 
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In both options, you will be asked to select a project to associate with the task.
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Once a project has been selected, you can then choose a task list and set a title, description, and due date. 
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