LambdaTest is a cross browser testing cloud that enables you to run automated and live interactive testing across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Within LambdaTest, you can log issues from your testing directly to your projects as tasks.

You will first need to enable the integration in your LambdaTest account.

Using test sessions, LambdaTest allows you to push annotated issues to a specific project, assign it to the relevant teammate, and attach any necessary screenshots.

Note: Having at least one existing project in is a pre-requisite in order to push screenshots from your LambdaTest account.

To begin testing, you can choose from any of the test options from the left navigation menu in LambdaTest, such as Real Time Test.

Paste the URL of the web app you need to test into the URL field at the top of the test area. You can then select your required configuration for browser and operating system. Click Start to begin testing.

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Once the virtual machine is launched and operable, you can perform testing on your web app for finding bugs.

If you identify a bug, click the Mark as Bug option from the left panel to capture a screenshot of the issue. 

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A new modal will open where you can annotate the captured image to highlight any issue or a task with LambdaTest's in-built image editor.

Once you are finished highlighting the bug, click the red Mark as Bug button at the bottom right of the window to log it as a task in

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After clicking Mark as Bug, a modal will open. For the bug task, you can choose:

  • Project
  • Task List
  • Assignee (accessible via expand option at the bottom of the modal)
  • Priority
  • Title
  • Description
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Click Create Issue to log the task to your chosen project. You will see a note in the top right indicating the bug has been logged successfully.

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You can track your issues via the Issue Tracker tab in the left navigation bar.

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In the Issue Tracker area, you will see that the issue has been added to your history.

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When you open the relevant project, you can access the bug task under the chosen task list in the List area.

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LambdaTest automatically includes test environment details in the task description as well as any related screenshots as attachments.

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For more information, see: Enabling the LambdaTest integration