LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing cloud that enables you to run automated and live interactive testing across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Within LambdaTest, you can connect your account to log issues from your tests as tasks.

To enable the integration, you will first need to set up a LambdaTest account.

Once logged in to LambdaTest, select Integrations from the left sidebar menu.

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In the Integrations list, you can use the search field to locate Teamwork. Hover over the Teamwork card and click the plus icon to enable it.

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This will bring you to a new modal where you will need to enter your site address and API token.

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When entering your site address, you will need to include the https:// prefix:

  • E.g.

You can locate your API key via your profile dropdown in

Once you have entered your account details, click Install to complete the setup.

In the Integrations section of your LambdaTest account, Teamwork will then be listed under My Integrations and include options to resync or remove.

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Disabling the integration

You can disable the integration at any time via your LambdaTest account. In the Integrations area of your account, select the Remove option under the Teamwork section.

For more information, see: Using the LambdaTest Integration