Within Teamwork Projects, you can grant task list template access to individual users on your site. 

Users with template permissions can manage and save templates, as well as add tasks to task lists from templates.

Note: Only the site owner or site admins can grant access to these users.

Go to the People section of your site, and select the People tab within it.

Select the user from the list, to open their profile. In the top left of the user's profile, select the Edit option.

In the edit details modal, go to the Permissions tab and toggle on Can this user manage task templates.

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Select Update in the bottom right, to save the changes to the user's permissions.

Once this has been enabled for the user, they will then be able to access templates from the dropdown arrow to the left of the task list name.

Task list template options

  • Manage task templates - This will bring you to the site-level Templates area
  • Add tasks from template - This allows you to add tasks to the task list, from an existing template.
  • Save as template - This allows you to save an existing task list as a template
Note: Once you enable this permission it will allow template access for all projects the user has access to.

For more information, see: Managing user profile permissions