Within Teamwork.com, you can quickly add task lists and tasks to your projects via an Excel import.

Go to the Table or List area of your project and click the options button (three dots) in the top right. Select Import Tasks from the dropdown.

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In the Import Tasks modal, use the Choose file option to select a file to upload as your import. It is compatible with either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project files.

Note: For the Excel import to work, your file must follow the format of the sample files, for both the columns and the data. Repeating tasks cannot be imported when using an Excel file.

If you are using Google Sheets, you can download the file and then save it locally in .xls or .xlsx format.

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At the top of the import modal, you can also choose from a variety of sample files to download and utilize for your own import.

Each sample file includes some pre-populated task details related to different user needs such as onboarding, product management, and marketing.

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Sample spreadsheet columns

  • Task list – The task list you want to add the tasks to - this is a required field.
  • Task – The task title.
    • This field also allows you to add subtasks.
      • To add a subtask insert a - before the subtask name.
      • # or > can also be used to denote subtasks.
      • Sub subtasks can be created by inserting --, ##, or >> before the task name.
    Get DeLorean
    - Test engine
    -- Update engine
    #Reach 88mph
    ##Reach 85mph
    Install Time Machine
    >Invent Flux capacitor
    >>Design spec
  • Description – The description for the task.
  • Assign to – The people that should be assigned to the task.
    • The required format for this field is email address. Names added here will not be accepted.
    • You can set multiple assignees by adding each email address. Each address should be separated with a comma.
    • Note: Email addresses must match users already existing on your site.
  • Start date – The date the task is due to start.
  • Due date – The date the task is due to be completed.
    • The date format for the start and end dates should follow the format you have selected in your localization settings.
  • Priority – The priority for the task, entered as text: low, medium, or high.
  • Estimated time – The estimated time for the task can be entered in a number of ways:
    • 25
    • 01:30
    • 1h 15m
  • Tags – Tags to be added to the task.
    • When adding multiple tags, each tag should be separated with a comma.
    • If the specified tags are not existing tags on your Teamwork.com site, they will be created as new site-level tags and be applied to the imported task(s).
  • Status – Set whether the task is active or completed.
For more information, see: Adding Tasks via Email