Within Teamwork.com, you can interact with your projects using the desktop application on either Windows or Mac.

Note: The Teamwork.com desktop app does not support offline use.

Teamwork.com Desktop for Mac

You can download the Mac version of the desktop app by clicking the image below:

Once the app as finished downloading, you can access it via your Mac downloads folder.

Double click the dmg file to run the installer. You can then drag the Teamwork Projects Desktop icon to the Applications folder in the setup modal.

You can open the application either via your Mac Applications  folder or Launchpad. When the app is running, it will appear in your dock where you can right click to pin the application for future use.

Teamwork.com Desktop for Windows

You can download the Windows version of the desktop app by clicking the image below:

Once the app as finished downloading, you will have the option to run the application after opening the exe file. The setup modal will open and begin the install process.

You can open the application via your desktop or Programs list.

Using the app

When you launch the application, you will see a Teamwork.com login modal where you can enter your login credentials for your site.

If your email address is associated with multiple Teamwork.com sites, you will be able to select which account you want to access.

From the navigation bar at the top of the app, you can:

 Image Placeholder
Navigate between pages.
 Image Placeholder
Refresh the app.
 Image Placeholder
Right-click the refresh arrow to empty cache and relaunch the app.
Image Placeholder
Paste a link to a specific area to navigate to it.
 Image Placeholder
Copy a link to the area you are currently viewing.
When you click items such as files in the desktop app, the item link will open in the browser. Similarly, using the product switcher will open the selected product in the browser.


While the desktop app is open, any notifications you receive to your Teamwork.com notification bell will also be noted with a badge app icon overlaying the app.