Within Ybug, you can submit feedback directly to your projects via the Teamwork.com integration.

You will first need to enable the integration from your Ybug account. 

Ybug allows you to push annotated feedback to a specific project, assign it to the relevant user, and attach any necessary screenshots. 

Note: The Ybug integration is a one way sync. Closing an issue in Teamwork.com will close the issue in Ybug. If you close an issue from Ybug, this will not close the task in Teamwork.com . 

Ybug offer a browser extension for feedback and bug reports from your testers and team members, or an embeddable widget to add to your own site to gather feedback from clients and visitors. Both options can be found within the Widget configuration area when viewing a project in your Ybug account. 

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Once set up, browse to the site you are looking to provide feedback on. When using Ybug, a toolbar will be displayed along the top of the page. 

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The toolbar allows you to annotate the screen by pencil, rectangle, arrows, text, block and the option to change the color of these functions. 

The information icon will return you to your Ybug account, and the cloud icon will download your current screen. 

Once you are happy with your feedback, use the Ybug Feedback widget to send the details to your Teamwork.com project and add any comments as needed. Select Submit feedback to push to Teamwork.com. 

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You will be notified once your feedback has been successfully submitted. 

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A task will be created in your chosen project and task list detailing: 

  • Comments (if added) 
  • Source URL 
  • Reported at - time and date
  • User data - location, browser, OS, screen, and viewport
  • Screenshot 

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To view your report in Ybug, click the more details option at the end of your task description. 

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For more information, see: Enabling the Ybug Integration