Ybug is a visual feedback and bug reporting tool you can use with your website to track issues.

Within Ybug, you can connect your Teamwork.com account using your API token.

Once logged into Ybug, you will need to create or select a project to integrate with Teamwork.com. 

While viewing the project in Ybug, go to the Integrations tab. 

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Toggle on the Teamwork Projects integration from the list. 

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This will bring you to a new modal where you will need to enter your Teamwork.com site address and Teamwork.com API token. 

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When entering your site address, you will need to include the https:// prefix: 

  • E.g. https://youraccountname.teamwork.com 

You can locate your Teamwork.com API key via your profile dropdown in Teamwork.com.

Once you have entered your details, click Authenticate with Teamwork to continue. 

You will then need to select which Teamwork.com project and task list should be used when creating new tasks. You can also specify a usr to assign to the tasks. Advanced settings include task title format. 

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You can also select the checkbox Close report after sending to Teamwork if needed. 

A notification will be displayed in the top left hand corner once the integration has been setup successfully. 

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Disabling the integration

You can disable the integration at any time via your Ybug account. From the integrations area within your chosen project, toggle off Teamwork Projects. 

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For more information, see: Using the Ybug Integration