Within Google Sheets, you can add tasks to your projects using the Teamwork.com add-on.

The add-on can be installed via the Teamwork.com app page in the G Suite Marketplace.

You can also set up the add-on from within a sheet. While viewing a document, select the Extensions option in ribbon menu. Hover over Add-ons and click Get add-ons from the pop-out menu.

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In the add-ons modal, use the search field in the top right to search for Teamwork. Click the add-on card to open the details view. You can then click the Install button to get started with the setup.

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During installation, you will be asked to select which account you want to associate with the add-on.

Once you grant the required permission access, you will then see the Teamwork for Google Sheets option in the Extensions dropdown.

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Click the Add a task option to open the Teamwork.com add-on on the right-hand side of your sheet. Here, you can either log in to an existing Teamwork.com account or sign up to create a new one.

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Once you have entered your Teamwork.com credentials, you will also need to grant access permissions to your account for the add-on.

Creating tasks

To add a new task to your Teamwork.com site, select the Add a task option from the Teamwork.com add-on menu.

In the quickly add tasks modal, you can select a project and task list to associate with the task(s). To add multiple tasks at once, enter each task on a new line.

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Task properties

You can use various commands to assign properties to the tasks, just like when posting tasks via email

  • (bugs) or [#bugs] - specify an existing task list to add the task to (task list name needs to match exactly).
  • @name - assign the task
  • [tomorrow] or [15/09/2019] - set the due date
  • [start date][due date] e.g. [today][next monday] - set start and due dates
  • ! - low priority
  • !! - medium priority
  • !!! - high priority
  • #tag - add a tag to the task

Note: When setting a start date and due date, the system will automatically use the later date entered as the due date.

Adding subtasks

You can also add subtasks to the parent task(s) you are creating via the add-on.

To indicate a subtask, add either a hyphen/dash (-) or # before the task name.

  • Sub subtasks can be created by adding double operators, i.e. -- or ## before the task name.
  • You can keep adding deeper levels of subtasks by increasing the quantity of operators before a task name.
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Note: Subtasks can only be created in association with parent tasks. You cannot solely create subtasks via the add-on.

Once you click Save Changes in the add-on, the tasks and subtasks will be added to the chosen project task list.

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  • Attach this Sheet link to task - the link for the sheet will be added to the description of the task.
  • Add comment to Google Sheet - create a comment in the Comments section at the top of the sheet, containing a link to the task in Teamwork.com.
    • Note: These comments will appear after refresh.

Logging out

To log out of your Teamwork.com account, select your profile icon in the top right corner of the add-on modal and select Log Out.

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For more information, see: Using the Google Docs Add-on