HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that enables you to grow traffic, convert leads, and close deals.

Within HubSpot, you can create projects directly from deals and automatically add all of the contacts to your Teamwork site.

Setup requirements

To enable and use the integration, you will need to install the Teamwork Chrome extension and log in to it using the relevant Teamwork account you want to use with HubSpot.

The account you sign in with should also have HubSpot enabled at site-level.

You will also need to have tags enabled in your Teamwork site settings.

  • A HubSpot tag is specially reserved for this integration. Therefore, "HubSpot" cannot be set as the tag name when you create tags on your site.

Note: The HubSpot integration is available on the per-user Premium/Grow plans and above, as well as certain legacy plans.

While viewing a deal in HubSpot, click the Teamwork icon to the right of the deal name and New Project for This Deal.

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In the Create a Project modal, fill in the details as required. If you wish to sync the contacts that are in the deal to the project itself, select Sync HubSpot contacts from this deal.

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Once you click Create Project, a link to the project will be added to the integration dropdown in HubSpot.

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The project will be added to your connected Teamwork site with a HubSpot icon highlighting the link.

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You will find your HubSpot deal contacts in the People section of your project in Teamwork. They are added to your site as contacts in a new HubSpot Contacts company.

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Note: Items can only be created from HubSpot to Teamwork, not from Teamwork to HubSpot.