Depending on your chosen web browser, you may need to adjust your browser settings for the best experience with Teamwork Desk.

Supported browsers

We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience with Teamwork, although any modern browser is supported.

Supported browsers includes the latest version of:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
Browsers not supported:

  • Internet Explorer 6 - 11

Web browser notifications

In order to receive web browser notifications, you may need to enable additional settings in your chosen browser. 

Depending on your browser, you can access your notification setting by pasting the corresponding URL into the address bar of your browser:

  • Google Chrome - chrome://settings/content/notifications
  • Mozilla Firefox - about:preferences#privacy (Notifications sub section)
  • Microsoft Edge - edge://settings/content/notifications
In Safari, you can access your notifications by going to System Preference > Notifications & Focus > Notifications > Safari.

Clearing browser cache 

When using web browsers, the browser will store some information in its cache and cookies.

If you are experiencing loading or formatting issues with Teamwork Desk in your browser, clearing the browser cache and cookies can address some of these issues.

For more information, see: Teamwork Desk Email Sending Issues