Within Teamwork, we have a public API allowing developers and partners to build integrations with our product suite. 

Guidelines for building an integration with Teamwork

The app should use OAuth 2.0

  • Your integration should use our OAuth 2.0, this guide will be provided to you by Teamwork. Using this will also provide a consent screen for your app. If you prefer to use basic OAuth, please be aware that it will be depreciated at a future date.
Paging API requests

  • Your integration should follow the paging mechanisms of each API. Please contact api@teamwork.com for more details.
Rate limiting your API requests

  • Your integration must cater for our rate limiting functionality. Please contact api@teamwork.com for more information.
No data changed on connection

  • Your integration should not edit Teamwork data on connection. If this is a must, you’ll need to provide extra consent screens, help docs, and a way to revert the changes. Please contact us if this a requirement.
Permissions based changes must be documented

  • Any assumptions regarding permissions must be clearly documented and explained to the customer clearly. For example, when adding a user to a project in order to assign them to a task, it must be clear to the user that they’re adding this user to the overall project as part of this step.

For more information, contact: api@teamwork.com