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Within HubSpot, you can create a one-way or two-way sync with Teamwork Desk to sync your customer data.

Setup requirements

You must be a super admin or have App Marketplace permissions in your HubSpot account.

You must first install the Teamwork Desk app via the HubSpot marketplace and authorize your account.

The HubSpot data sync allows you to sync companies or contacts to your Teamwork Desk site.

Companies in both apps sync with one another, while HubSpot contacts map to Teamwork Desk customers.

You can read more about HubSpot data sync via HubSpot's documentation here.

After connecting the app, you will need to configure your app settings and turn on the sync to begin syncing data between Teamwork Desk and HubSpot.

Click the marketplace icon in the top right of your HubSpot account and select Connected apps from the Manage subsection of the dropdown menu.

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Select Teamwork Desk from the apps list to open the app profile, then click the Set up your sync button on the app settings page.

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The HubSpot data sync allows you to sync companies or contacts to your Teamwork Desk site. Once you select a sync option, click the Next button in the bottom right.

  • HubSpot contacts map to Teamwork Desk customers, while companies map to one another in both apps.
Note: You can sync an alternative data source at a later time via the Teamwork Desk app page in your HubSpot settings.

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Setting up your sync rules

You will be brought to the sync setup view where you can customize the settings for the sync between the two apps.

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In the Sync rules tab, you can manage different data aspects of the sync via each subsection.

Choose which records sync

Decide how you want your data to sync between HubSpot & Teamwork Desk. Sync options include:

  • Two-way sync - all new and updated object information will be synced between the two apps. For records that exist in both platforms, their properties will be merged.
    • To configure this option, select All contacts from each dropdown.
  • One-way sync from HubSpot to Teamwork Desk
    • To configure this option, select No customers in the Teamwork Desk customers dropdown and select All contacts in the HubSpot contacts dropdown.
  • One-way sync from Teamwork Desk to HubSpot
    • To configure this option, select All customers in the Teamwork Desk customers dropdown and select No contacts in the HubSpot contacts dropdown.
  • Use sync filters
    • To use this sync option, select a sync filter from each dropdown menu.
    • Note: The sync filters limit the scope of the sync but do not add contacts or companies to a list with that filter.

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You can also use the sync settings to manage data conflicts and duplicates as outlined in the sections below:

Understanding the data sync

During the initial sync, HubSpot will compare both databases. When a match is detected, existing records will be updated.

  • Contacts - the data sync matches contact records by comparing the contacts' email addresses, then the company email address, name, and domains.
  • Companies - the data sync matches company records in each app based on either company name or domain name.
  • Some connectors can only use name as the main identifier as some apps do not have a domain field.

Note: When an app has both a company name and domain field, HubSpot will match two records if they have the same company name but different domains and vice versa.

Field mapping

In the Field mapping section of the sync setup, you can customize which Teamwork Desk properties should map to HubSpot using the toggles to the right of each field.

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The mapping options available to you (outlined in the subsections below) will depend on your HubSpot subscription.

Turning on the sync

Once you have reviewed the sync mapping, click the Review button in the top right.

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A quick view will open on the right where you can review the filters and field mapping associated with the sync.

Click Save and sync at the bottom of the quick view to start the initial sync between the two apps.

After the initial sync is complete, records will sync within 10 minutes of a change.

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Turning off the sync

You can manage the Teamwork Desk integration via the app management view in HubSpot.

This includes the account associated with the sync, the existing sync (edit, delete, turn off), and syncing more data.

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For more information, see: Connecting to HubSpot