Within Teamwork CRM, you can set deals on your site to be marked as rotting after a given number of days.

When an open lead or opportunity is left idle for a defined period of time, it is considered to be rotting.

You can set a rot after period when creating or editing a pipeline in your site settings. Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Go to the Pipelines subsection and choose an existing pipeline to edit or create a new one.

In the pipeline modal, you can use the Rot after field to set a number of days a deal is allowed to sit idle in a pipeline before being flagged as rotting.

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The minimum allowed duration is 1 day, with the maximum number of days allowed being 999. If 0 is entered into the field, it will be considered blank.

Understanding rotting

For rotting to begin, a lead or opportunity must remain untouched for the designated number of days.

During this period, the deal cannot:

  • Move between stages or pipelines
  • Have activity, notes, or files added or edited
  • Have any default or custom fields updated (value, owner, connected company etc.)


  • If an idle lead still has planned activities, it will not rot unless the due dates for those activities have passed.

Viewing rotting deals

Any deals in your lead and opportunity pipelines that are currently rotting will be flagged in various areas of your site.

In the pipeline board view in the Leads and Opportunities areas of your site, each rotting deal will be highlighted in red. These deals will also be pinned at the top of their respective column. If you have sorting and filters set, these will be applied to rotting and active deals separately.

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You can also hover over the total deal count at the top of the board view to see how many rotting deals the pipeline currently contains.

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In the pipeline list view, rotting deals will also appear in red. The positioning of rotting deals within the list will be affected by your sort and filter selections.

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While viewing an individual lead or opportunity, you will see a note below the deal name indicating the number of days the deal has been rotting.

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For more information, see: Creating a Pipeline