Within Teamwork CRM, it is important to understand the sales process that takes place over multiple phases so you can populate your site with your company's unique sales process.

Starting with a lead

A lead comes in from a number of different contact sources. The source might be:

  • An email where a customer might have a sales query in relation to one of your products
  • A ticket within your Teamwork Desk account
  • A live chat where a ticket is created on the lead contacts behalf, or the contact form on the website
Once a contact comes in, a lead should be created by a user in your CRM.

  • When the lead is created, you may have certain custom fields created that need to be filled in about that lead.
    • For example, you could create custom fields for lead priority or the source the lead originated from.
Contact is then made with the lead. Each time contact is made, the lead is moved through the different stages of the pipeline (1st touch, 2nd touch etc.)

Each instance of contact is represented by an activity created for the lead. Once an activity is completed, you are prompted to create a new activity to keep the process in motion.

Moving from a lead to an opportunity

Once the lead has reached its final stage, there are two options to choose from:

  • Qualified
    • The lead has genuine interest in the product/service and is now considered an opportunity.
  • Lost
    • This means the sale has been lost and no further action is necessary.
Similarly to how a leads pipeline works, the opportunity created from a qualified lead will go through several stages of contact.

An opportunities pipeline is a bit more drawn out than a leads pipeline as the individual stages require more contact per stage.

For example, the Negotiation stage might require several back and forth emails as well as a few calls before a price/offer is negotiated. These would all be marked by activities within the opportunity.

At any point during the opportunity pipeline, the sale can be either won, lost, or reverted to a lead:

  • Won
    • If a sale is won, a contact has agreed to the sale and will go ahead with the purchase. Clicking ‘Won’ will also remove the sale from the Pipeline.
  • Lost
    • If the sale is Lost, then all contact is dropped with the potential customer.
    • A sale is usually lost when the person you are in contact with specifically says they are no longer interested and asks for contact to be dropped.
    • The sale will disappear from the Opportunities Pipeline, and all potential value of the sale will be removed from the pipeline.
  • Disqualified
    • Disqualifying an opportunity means reverting it back to a lead to re-enter the sales process.
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